Macy’s Story

Macy and her identical twin sister, Megan, were born May 27, 2000, ten weeks before their expected due date. After the twins spent six weeks in the neonatal ICU, Macy’s family, including big brother Landon, was excited to have two beautiful girls join their family.

In the years to follow, Macy and Megan grew to be energetic, healthy little girls. When the twins turned three, the Easoms welcomed another daughter, Lindsey.

In August of 2004, the Easoms moved back to their home state of Georgia. Not long after getting settled into their new home, Macy was diagnosed with Stage IV hepatoblastoma with lung metastasis. She underwent multiple rounds of aggressive chemotherapy to shrink the tumor on her liver; and the doctors were able to perform tumor resection.macy

After the surgery, doctors felt they were successful in complete removal of the tumor, but within four weeks Macy’s family was told the cancer had returned to her fragile, little body. Her cancer was spreading, and her family and doctors had exhausted all options.

Macy passed away June 9, 2005, at the age of five. Macy had a sweetness that couldn’t be described, and her family and friends are thankful for the time God gave them with her.