Q: Why is the Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation important?

A: According to the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation, 13,500 children are diagnosed with cancer each year and one out of five children diagnosed will lose their battle. The Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation has been formed to help fund the research needed to increase the survival rate of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year.

Q: Is there a certain form of pediatric cancer the foundation will be researching?

A: The foundation will primarily focus on a cure for hepatoblastoma, a form of pediatric liver cancer. However, while research is being completed for hepatoblastoma, the foundation hopes to find cures for other forms of pediatric cancers.

Q: What is hepatoblastoma?

A: Hepatoblastoma is a rare form of pediatric liver cancer. Although rare, this cancer is one of the top 10 causes of childhood cancer mortality.

Q: How can I donate to the foundation?

A: You can make a donation directly through our website, or you can send your donation to the foundation headquarters, Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation, PO Box 303, Centerville, GA  31028. Please make checks payable to Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation.

Q: How will the money be used?

A: All donations will be used to help fund the medical research, and eventually to help build a pediatric cancer research center in the Southeast United States.

Q: Who are the foundation’s decision makers?

A: The foundation relies on the Board of Directors.